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…building Maine's visibility as a
creative and innovative place

Maine holds a special place in the imagination.  Its natural beauty is inspiration to artists and writers.  Its allure entices millions of visitors every year from around the world.

But the Maine Center for Creativity views Maine as more than a pretty place.  The center is part of a ‘velvet revolution’ that’s energizing the state’s economy.

Maine’s ‘creative economy’ is all about innovation and talent – and leveraging them as a vital economic resource for driving industry.   It’s about good paying jobs that support industry and services – and improving the state’s quality of life.  It’s about the power of creativity benefitting Maine – through unique arts-and-industry collaborations.

Our international Art All Around® design competition is but one example.  It helped generate 80 million impressions in the media worldwide and a million visits to our website.  When it’s completed, the project will be the world’s largest public art painting – 261,000 sq. ft. – the first planned with satellite view in mind.

The Art All Around® project is testament to the talent, creativity, and collaborative innovation driving Maine’s creative industries.

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